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Apr 9 2019

Web Design Degrees – Online Degrees

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Web Design Degrees - Online Degrees, NEF6.COM

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Web Design Degrees

Today, many companies in a variety of industries need web designers who are both well-trained and highly skilled. They are also essential to any organization that relies heavily on the Internet to establish their brand, sell their products or advertise the services they offer. As the use of the Web takes hold in our society, companies will be judged on the accuracy, completeness, and overall appearance of their web site, and their web designer will play a key role in determining their success and profitability.

What you can expect on the job

While web designers have a chance to use their creativity on a daily basis, they also face many interesting challenges, regardless of the industry they choose to work in, and they run the gamut from textile companies to nonprofit organizations. This means that if you choose web design as a career, you will have a good amount of leeway in finding a company that best suits your temperament and talents.

How you can prepare to be a web designer

If you plan on pursuing a career in web design and want to study on line, here are some of the most outstanding schools in the United States where you can carve out a path to reach your goal through degrees like online associate web design degrees or online bachelors web design degrees. Graduate degrees, such as online masters web design degrees, are also available.

Westwood College

The online web-design programs they provide on the bachelor’s level are considered to be among the best America has to offer, and they feature an outstanding faculty, flexible schedules, and small class sizes. Relevant courses include an Associate of Science in Graphic Design Multimedia degree, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Visual Communication or Web Design Multimedia. Students are able to attend classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, use interactive postings to participate in class discussions, and take tests electronically. This online facility is a branch of Westwood College – Los Angeles. For more information, call 800-875-6050, or visit

They have residential campuses in Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, South, Florida, and London, England, and AIU online is their virtual campus on the Internet. Working with a diverse student population, AIU focuses on providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers where the demand is greatest. When it comes to your chosen field, they offer two outstanding, relevant programs—a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Design. To find out more, go to

Working online, students who want to pursue a career in web design can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications or Web Development. As they participate in their program, they will also have an opportunity to experience interactive seminars, take electronic quizzes, engage in one-on-one instructor-student communication, participate in discussion boards, and go on ‘Web field trips. The school is a branch of Kaplan, Inc. which is one of The Washington Post Company’s subsidiaries. It brings in half of that company’s revenue and has also become the fastest-growing division. For more information, call 866-318-6311 or visit

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online

Here students have an opportunity to combine their artistic ability with today’s technological skills to earn an Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design. These programs integrate the essentials of video, audio, animation, still images, text, and data to produce interactive content that brings life to the Internet. They also focus on visual design, digital and audio animation, digital audio and video, and project management for careers that are in demand in the 21st century. To find out more, go to

Every organization needs an Internet presence to be competitive within their industry. Full Sail University s online Web Design Development bachelor s degree program offers coursework that balances design and aesthetic techniques with the programming and coding that goes into creating a well-rounded site. Develop a holistic vision of web design and development, create your own websites, and build the skill set needed to start a future in this expanding field.

Its students are intent pursuing a career in one of the creative industries, and the academy provides programs for an Associate of Science in Web Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising degree. You will find that, as you work with the faculty, your online environment is that of a “virtual campus,” where you will be immersed in learning. While enhancing your creativity, you can also gain the “real world” knowledge and skills that are so essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Job prospects for careers in web design

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for graphic designers will continue to grow steadily, and the field is also quite competitive. As is the case with many professions, their salaries are affected by the type of employer they work for, the geographic area where they work, their education, and their experience.

Here are some representative salary ranges:

  • Web designer $25,000 to $60,000,
  • Senior Web designer $45,000 to $75,000,
  • Art director $50,000 to $80,000,
  • Creative director $65,000 to $100,000,
  • Interface designer $65,000 to $85,000, and
  • Interface design director $120,000 to $140,000.

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