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Apr 9 2019

Web Application Monitoring Tools Compared

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Web Application Monitoring Tools Compared, REMMONT.COM

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The right web application monitoring software makes all the difference:

  • Track web application availability / uptime
  • Measure web application performance
  • Improve web application functionality
  • Streamline management, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Enhance network infrastructure – address bottlenecks, effectively scale, better plan capacity upgrades
  • Accurate error & performance alerts –know exactly what caused the problem, as it happens

Key Performance Indicators


When your web application monitoring system detects an issue, you need fast reliable alerts so you can take action and fix the problem. Alerts should be schedulable to different groups at different times with escalation procedures if the problem persists.


Web application monitoring is not just for detecting downtime. High quality reports give you additional insight into performance trends during peak load times, as well as by time of day, and day of the week. Charts and graphs should be provided to give you quick visual cues to identify possible problem areas.


You want a reliable monitoring service with a robust global monitoring network. Ideally the service should have dozens of locations spaced out in different geographic regions, countries and continents, particularly in regions like North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and nodes behind the “Great Firewall of China.”


Easy to use dashboards are a must when it comes to monitoring the state of your web applications. Real-time graphs of website performance and “at a glance” grids of errors or issues that require attention are imperative to proper management of your web presence.

RIA Interaction

Rich Internet Application (RIA) interaction is important to monitor. If your site uses RIA functionality such as Javascript, AJAX, html 5, Flash, Flex, Silverlight or other technologies, then you’ll want a monitoring platform that can handle these technologies, continually testing to make sure they work.

Troubleshooting Tools

A quality web application monitoring tool should have built in troubleshooting tools. When a problem is detected, you can then immediately begin troubleshooting within the tool to solve the problem.

Web Application Monitoring Tools

Every day thousands of websites slow down to a crawl, sites go completely offline or suffer seemingly random issues. Many of these issues end up costing the site owners thousands of dollars in lost conversions. This site was designed to help identify the best tools to find and troubleshoot these issues and resolve the problems.

We have carefully selected and reviewed three of the top web application monitoring tools to help you determine the best way to solve your particular problems and to monitor your environments for further issues.

We understand that there are many more solutions out there, and new tools arrive on the market every day, but we feel the coverage of the tools we have focused on gives us a solid base to form the foundation of your monitoring toolset.

Key factors in web application monitoring include:

  • website uptime/downtime
  • page load speed
  • element load speed trends
  • page load speed under stress of many users
  • infrastructure capacity
  • site load trends as content increases
  • real user monitoring (RUM)
  • synthetic monitoring
  • rich internet application (RIA) monitoring

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