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Feb 10 2019

How to Get Life Insurance Lightning Fast, fast insurance online. #Fast #insurance #online

How to Get Life Insurance Lightning Fast

Fast insurance online

If you re a busy individual with limited time or you have a court order to get a policy by a deadline. Then you need a life insurance policy fast! You don’t want to fill out long paper application forms and then wait for a nurse to come out just so you then have to wait another month or two to get approved. That s prehistoric! If you are the type of person who needed life insurance policy yesterday then keep reading. I will show you how to get life insurance fast. How fast? Instantly! Yes, you can get approved today for a real all-purpose life insurance policy from a reputable company. The best part is you can apply online within minutes!

So what do you need to do to get this done? First, before you can even get this type of policy you need to be in good health with no major moving violations within past 5 years. Also, remember most no medical exam companies will allow up to 250k or 500k in life insurance face amount. Now let s get to it, here are the 3 things you must do to get a policy fast.

1.Be Honest

The key here is to be upfront with your independent broker about your health, family history, background information and any dangerous hobbies you might partake in. Life insurance companies that work fast can only give coverage to people who are a good risk since they are working with a limited time. This will also help your agent go to the company that will approve you with the best rate based on your specific information.

2.Skip the Medical Exam

You have to work with companies that don’t require an exam to issue a policy. Since life insurance rates are fixed by the law and only an independent online broker can tell you which company will be most likely to give you the fast coverage at the lowest rate. Plus if one company doesn’t approve you we can go right back to others. There are a handful of companies who offer simplified issue plans. You might have heard of them before such as Fidelity Life, Sagicor, American National, Foresters and few others. Foresters and few others. Foresters offers the fastest decision which is an instant approval depending on the information they get. Fidelity Life gives a decision within 48 hours and even delivers your policy electronically. The good thing about Fidelity is you will have a sure answer in two days tops. American National is another no medical exam company but they can take a little longer although if asked for a rush they will sometimes come back with a decision within a couple days. Where they do better is getting approved for people that are overweight, have a bad motor history or certain medical conditions.

3.Apply Online

We know that when it comes to paperwork with wet signatures it can slow things down drastically. So the key is to work with companies that allow online submissions. This is a must and good news is that all the companies we previously mentioned allow online applications. Online applications mean that the agent applies online while you are on the phone. It usually takes about 10 minutes to submit an application over the phone with an agent. Afterward, you will receive an email to e-sign your application and review the information. I had clients who are on family vacations but were still able to e-sign applications on their smartphones or iPads. Once this is done your application is submitted and the countdown begins. The company will check all your information through a pharmacy report, medical information bureau(MIB) and your motor vehicle report. If everything checks out you can get approved as fast as today or in less than a week.

Fastest Life Insurance Companies (order by speed)


You can secure a policy with an instant approval completely electronically. This is by far the fastest life insurance policy you can get on the marketplace today since you can have a policy in your inbox after a 10-minute application. That s time travel fast! For ages 18 to 55, you can get up to $350,000 of life insurance and $200,000 if you re 56 to 65 years of age. You may be wondering where is the catch and there is none. This a highly rated company with an A rating and has been around for 100+ years.

North American

Another great plan where you can get a same day approval policy for up to $500,000 of term life insurance. The company has an online application that the agent will complete on your behalf and then you can typically get a decision within 15 minutes of completing the app. We are one of the few agencies that have this product so you may not find it elsewhere.

Sagicor Life

One of our all time favorite no exam plans simply because they are easier to deal with and will still consider some applicants with manageable medical conditions. You can secure up to $500,000 of term life insurance with approvals ranging from 15 minutes to about a week. The whole application process is a breeze and you can also get a no-lapse universal life policy up to $250,000 with no exam which is not something other no exam carriers offer. Most of the people at our company have Sagicor policies because they are just awesome! Oh, and you get your policy by mail or email delivery!

Fidelity Life

Fidelity has been offering a no exam life insurance for quite some time and they have kept the same product till this day. You can apply online and get approved withing 48 hours for up to $250,000 of life insurance. They will also issue an electronic policy that you can get by email so the entire process is simple and fast. Plus, you re dealing with a highly recognized carrier. For more information on Fidelity s no exam plan click here.

Phoenix Life

Although this is the only B rated company we represent they have been requested and liked by many of our consumers. You can secure a no exam plan from ages of 18 to 80 which is outside the norm since most companies won t do any exam after age 65. This plan is also very rich in additional benefits that come to you for no charge like critical illness rider, chronic illness rider, and terminal illness rider. To learn more about different riders check out are rider article.

Here at InsureChance, we specialize with many more no exam companies but these are the ones for the speed junkies that want things today!

Let Us Help Get you Life Insurance Now!

If you are ready to get you life insurance let s get some quotes. You can run quotes on our no medical exam life insurance quotes page but there are some things to keep note. For quotes with Fidelity and American National be sure to check standard health rating and coverage amount of no more than $250,000. Sagicor is the only one that you can get preferred rates with and they will go up to $500,000 in protection. Once you find a quote that suits you, request an application and one of our agents will be calling you to finish the submission. So what are you waiting for, call us today at 888-492-1967 so we can get this done in record time!

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