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Apr 8 2019

College Rankings that Matter

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College Rankings that Matter, REMMONT.COM

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College Rankings that Matter

We don’t believe that there is one school that is best for all students. Providing a single ranking of “the best liberal arts colleges” just doesn t make sense to us. So, we developed more meaningful rankings in categories that impact the value of the overall college experience.

Here we rank the schools in a variety of ways based on hard data and current student opinions.

We used statistics and over 7,500 current Liberal Arts student responses from our annual Voice of the Student Survey to determine the top 20 Liberal Arts schools in each of the following categories.

Academic Challenge

SAT score and other popular statistics are very much relative to the individual school and prospective students, and often give skewed information regarding academic challenges. We found that the best way to quantify the difficulty of a college was to find out how the students perceived the challenge.

Student Satisfaction

An important measure of any education is the overall happiness of students at the college. This list is an essential resource for any prospective student considering a Liberal Arts school.

Student Housing

If you re looking for a college with dorms like high class hotels, good luck. However, we ve done you a favor and found the 20 Liberal Arts schools that get the closest.

Student Recommended

Find out which are the most widely student-recommended Liberal Arts Colleges.

Collaborative Environment

Collaborative or competitive? That is the question. Whether tis better to work with fellow students or against them?

Alcohol Influence

The importance of alcohol to social life on a college campus is something parents want to know and students should be finding out. Here s the list of the 20 Liberal Arts schools least affected by alcohol.

Best Professor Relationships

Learning would be quite a bit more difficult without teachers. Find out which students rated their relationships with their professors the highest on this list of Liberal Arts Colleges.

The Best Liberal Arts Schools

We promote the value of a liberal arts degree to students, parents, and high school counselors, and give liberal arts schools the opportunity to highlight their unique characteristics.

Our goal is to make it easy for students to discover top liberal arts colleges.

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