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Feb 12 2019

California Malpractice Insurance Coverage, medical malpractice insurance california.

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Malpractice Insurance California Coverage

As part of a series that I am writing about starting a medical practice, one of the essential components to starting a medical practice is to have a Medical Malpractice Insurance Company. There are several to choose from. I chose to use CAP – Cooperative of American Physicians. It is a company run by physicians. I also spend some time promoting CAP to my fellow doctors. I am reimbursed for my time spent working with CAP. My wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon is on the board of directors. I have been very happy with getting malpractice coverage from CAP. There are other insurances you will need such as general liability coverage for your medical company (I’ll cover more of this at a later time). This webpage is a personal webpage of Dr. Calvin Lee’s. This does not represent the viewpoints of CAP or MPT (Mutual Protection Trust).

If you are in California, consider calling CAP regarding an malpractice coverage quote for your malpractice coverage needs.

CAP Brochures and Highlights

Medical malpractice insurance california

Calvin Lee, MD with Dorine of CAP, Cupertino, CA,

Northern California Taiwanese Physicians Medical Association Event.

Senior Account Executive

Cooperative of American Physicians

490 California Avenue, Ste 210

Palo Alto, CA 94306

Mutual Protection Trust is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Co.

AM Best Company provides news, credit ratings and financial data products and services for the insurance industry,

Excerpted from the brochure:

CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc

Through CAP Physicians Insurance Agency, Inc.,

a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cooperative

of American Physicians, Inc., we protect your

practice and you by offering tailored insurance

programs for risks not included in medical professional

Agency services at no additional cost:

$25,000 per year in legal expenses arising from

disciplinary proceedings brought by the Medical

Board of California, allegations of Medicare

and Medicaid fraud and abuse, and EMTALA

and HIPAA violations.

an individual insured member physician in the

amount of $50,000 per insured event and in

for a full year.

through our dedicated agency include:

• Employment Practices Liability Insurance

• Directors Officers Liability Insurance

• Term Life Insurance

• Critical Care Insurance

• Long-Term Care Insurance

There are other California Malpractice Insurance Companies besides CAP-MPT

I have not explored these insurance companies in much detail. I am personally covered by CAP-MPT. They would deserve attention on this website which introduces links to the California Malpractice Insurance world. Malpractice Insurance is now most often referred to as Professional Medical Liability insurance.

Listed here are links to these California Malpractice Insurance companies and their descriptions offered on their web pages.

Malpractice Insurance Companies in California

Norcal – NORCAL is on the cutting edge of advancements in medicine medical liability protection, and they offer an array of coverages tailored to your doctors’ specific practice needs.

SCPIE – now a part of The Doctors Company (TDC) since 2008. SCPIE Holdings, Inc is an American holding company whose subsidiaries specialize in physician liability insurance. It is based in Los Angeles, CA. SCPIE (Southern California Physicians Insurance Exchange) which was founded in 1976 in the wake of extraordinary malpractice insurance premium hikes in California. SCPIE Holdings, Inc. was organized in 1997 and serves as a parent company to various subsidiaries, including SCP

MIEC – Paraphrased from their website: We are MIEC, an insurance company that provides medical professional liability insurance to physicians in Alaska, California, Hawaii and Idaho and to acupuncturists in California Hawaii. We are owned and operated by our policyholders. We were founded in 1975 by physicians during a time when commercial insurance carriers withdrew from the market. Now, some 30 years later, we remain determined to provide our policyholders with low, responsible and stable insurance premiums.

CAP-MPT – The Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) is a doctor owned and governed organization comprised of the finest doctors practicing in the State of California. Membership in CAP gives physicians the opportunity to purchase medical professional liability coverage through the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT). New website (updated 2014) is

I am probably missing some malpractice companies in California. Feel free to send me email – I have an email reply box at the bottom of our web page: Modesto Botox – click on the contact us link.

Other links (non insurance related) and diversions of interest:

Medical malpractice insurance california

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